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TREND Community is an invitation-only network of consented patients and caregivers living with rare disease who are engaged in community powered science.

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TREND is invitation-only. If you are living with a rare disease or other underserved condition, join our Community for connection, support, and sharing.

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Tell your story

Your story is a powerful tool for providing valuable insight into the patient or caregiver journey. TREND gives you a platform to share your experiences.

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Join a community

Connect with others who have similar interests and challenges in one or more TREND hosted communities. Our Community Champions provide feedback and ensure a secure place to share.

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Participate in discussions

TREND Community's powerful analytics will connect you with discussions that are relevant to you. Meet others who understand your journey and participate in facilitated discussions on topics of shared interest.

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Find solutions

TREND Community Health Initiatives are designed by our Team using insights gained from participant contributed real-world data. These Initiatives connect patients and caregivers with leading specialists to collectively evaluate the effectiveness of specific therapies, diet, or other environmental interventions.

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Create evidence

TREND Community quantifies untapped real-world data to: inform patients, contribute to drug & research discovery, and build personal natural histories.

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TREND Community is invite only. We are currently building communities for Prader-Willi Syndrome and Angelman Sydrome. If you are living with another rare disease, please tell us about it and we will contact you to discuss building your community. Use the form at the left to request an invitation.

If you would like to learn more about our current Initiatives or have other questions, please contact us.