As our name suggests, everything we do starts with community. We’re collaborative, understanding of one another, and deeply committed to amplifying every voice. As bridge builders, we’re always striving to create new connections across patients, families, healthcare providers, biotechs, pharmaceutical companies, and regulatory agencies who share a collective mission to catalyze scientific progress and strengthen advocacy. As a company that prioritizes purpose over profit, we grow to the size of our convictions and no larger.

A Certified B Corporation

There’s a global cultural shift to redefine “success,” and as a Certified B Corporation, TREND is helping to pave the way. Certified B Corporations are companies that voluntarily meet the highest standards for social and environmental performance. We requested to be judged and scored on how our operations and business model impacts our employees, our community, our environment, and the people we work with—and we were willing to make our results transparent.

Whether you’re considering joining our team or you’re interested in working with us as a community member or sponsor, you can feel confident knowing that we are (certifiably!) using business for good.

Our Values

We lead with empathy

We lead and listen with empathy toward each other, our partners, and our communities.

We amplify voices

We believe that every voice has the power to make positive change.

We are transformational

We believe that our approach has the potential to change the lives of people living with rare, chronic, and emerging diseases and alter the course of disease management for the better.

“TREND Community empowers me to be my best self professionally by offering flexibility and support to navigate life with a rare and chronic condition. By supporting my professional growth, TREND allows me to be the partner and parent my family deserves.”

– Matt Horsnell


Maria Picone

Maria Picone

Christopher DeFelice

Christopher Defelice

Robert Wassman

E. Robert Wassman, MD

Chief Medical Officer
Jonna Piira

Jonna Piira

Chief Financial Officer
Lauren Dougherty

Lauren Dougherty

Chief Operating Officer

Technology and Research Teams

Without data, there is no impact. Our successes are a result of our world-class team of engineers, analytics experts, scientists, and coders who run and continually refine our analytics engine, KrystieTM. Each member of this cross-functional team brings a unique expertise combined with a passion for the work that they do. From literature reviews to qualitative research to natural language processing and machine learning, everyone on the team is committed to amplifying the voices of TREND’s partner communities.

Why “Krystie?”

Krystie was the daughter of one of our community members and is the inspiration driving everything we work toward. Krystie—and the millions of others facing rare, chronic, and emerging diseases—is always at the heart of TREND Community.


Community managers and ambassadors


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