Real world evidence

The role of evidence in progress

The pace of progress is always accelerating. Innovations in technology combined with regulatory incentives are helping biotechs and pharmaceutical companies bring therapeutics and medical devices to patients faster than ever.

Unfortunately, most innovations are limited to finding treatments for diseases that are already well understood. Innovation within the rare disease space is lagging. In fact, 95% of those 10,000+ rare diseases have no approved treatments.

True understanding of rare diseases is the bottleneck. That’s why the data and insights we capture from real patient voices is paramount to innovation. Our work helps to unveil a deeper understanding of disease presentation, symptoms, comorbidities, patient burden, and larger patterns. Ultimately it is this holistic understanding that helps to accelerate the development and approval of new therapeutics for which our patients are desperately waiting.

Case Studies

From successful clinical trial enrollment to breakthrough understanding of rare disease, see how TREND is helping communities and organizations drive progress.

Publications + Media

Some of the insights we capture serve as the foundation for white papers, peer-reviewed journal publications, media, and other places that demand authentic patient voices.