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TREND was founded by people who have a profound appreciation and respect for the power of community. Through your partnership, we can help make sure that what’s most important to you gets heard by the people who are pioneering therapeutic progress.

How you and your community can use TREND

TREND insights and services can help you:

“Living with rare diseases can feel dark and lonely. It’s an honor to join TREND Community’s efforts to bring light and acceptance.”

– Dr. Christopher Parker, Gout Support Group of America

Why get involved?

We like to frame this question another way: Why not get involved?

We are founded on the belief that the conversations that are already happening within your community are invaluable. We work with your community to ensure that the meaningful, action-driven insights from your conversations are being heard by health care providers, regulatory agencies, and the people working on therapeutic progress. When it comes to spreading awareness and sparking new therapeutic possibilities, your voice is important.

Ethical framework

We always prioritize your privacy and the privacy of your community. We ensure that every community member remains anonymous, and we never share raw conversation data. As protocols around online security, confidentiality, and anonymity evolve, we continually refine our approach to ensure that we are aligned with the latest regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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