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Our evidence-accelerator approach captures insights from real people living with rare and chronic conditions and creates new channels through which you can better understand their lived experiences.

How our sponsors can use TREND

“TREND created a much-needed bridge between patients and our organization. We needed a partner that already had the element of familiarity. Someone who understood the challenges of the community and could clearly communicate to patients and families what they could expect. What they provide is truly a concierge service.”

 – Cate McCanless, Harmony Biosciences

Clinical trial recruitment

Unfortunately, there’s a communication breakdown between organizations that are developing life-changing therapeutics and the communities they serve. Potential candidates for clinical trials do not adequately receive the information they need when it comes to recruitment, site-specific information, inclusion and exclusion criteria, and other basic knowledge that can make the difference in their decision to enroll. This is a problem. At TREND, we’re committed to helping you spread the word.

Our deep connection with communities and our partnership with sponsors offers us the unique opportunity to serve as bridge builders. We speak to both larger communities and individual families to ensure that all those involved feel supported and guided throughout the journey. Our larger insights from patient communities can also help inform sponsors as they make key decisions concerning clinical trial design and recruitment strategy.

Early engagement, lasting relationships, and insights into community perspectives and experiences can ultimately streamline recruitment and identify challenges along the way to make sure your study can be a success.

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