PRESS RELEASE: TREND Community Announces Research Partnership with COMBINEDBrain

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Sefton Eisenhart

Philadelphia, Pa — TREND Community, a digital health company that uses AI technology to advance understanding of diseases from patient and caregiver conversations on social media, is announcing a research partnership with COMBINEDBrain, a new nonprofit dedicated to accelerating the path to cures and therapies for those with rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorders, by reducing the time and risk involved in drug development.

COMBINEDBrain and TREND Community will launch a novel, community-led initiative to quickly capture cross-disease insights and accelerate research. As part of this partnership, TREND commits to create a Community Voice Report for each COMBINEDBrain member community.

The social insights from the individual Community Voice Reports will be combined and analyzed to discover similarities that can lead to more treatment options. TREND Community, COMBINEDBrain, and its member communities will collaborate to publish on their findings.

COMBINEDBrain member communities are as follows: STXBP1 Disorder, NR2F1 Foundation, SynGAP Research Fund, USP7 Foundation, SLC6A1 Connect, CureSHANK Foundation, Schinzel-Giedion syndrome, SETBP1 Society, FamilieSCN2A Foundation, SATB2 Gene Foundation,, Project Alive, The Yellow Brick Road Project (HNRNPH2), GRIN2B Foundation, CHAMP1 Foundation, International Foundation for CDKL5 Research, and Project 8p Foundation.

For more information, contact:

Sefton Eisenhart, Communications


Tara Houston, Deputy Director