TREND Community’s Report on Understanding Pain and Its Impact on Mental Health in Fabry Disease using Real-World Evidence From Social Media

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Maria Picone

PHILADELPHIA, February 22, 2023 – TREND Community, a digital health analytics company that turns the conversations of rare, chronic, and emerging disease communities into actionable insights today announced that its poster, titled “Understanding Pain and Its Impact on Mental Health in Fabry Disease using Real-World Evidence From Social Media,” will be presented at the 19th Annual WORLDSymposium™ Research Meeting to be held February 22–26, 2023 in Orlando, Florida.

The poster is based on a study that leveraged TREND’s analysis of over 96,000 posts across a private Facebook group dedicated to Fabry disease.

TREND’s proprietary analytics engine, which incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), evaluated the possible impact on the mental health of Fabry disease and the possible symptoms that may heighten these impacts. These results demonstrate the connection between the physical symptoms of Fabry disease and negative mental health impacts with the strongest relationship between the symptom of pain and mental health.

For the poster and complete abstract, please use this link.

The authors are Maria Picone, Maurice Fleurie, Enming Zhang, Monica Converse, Rachelle Cook, Wei Li, E. Robert Wassman, and Christopher DeFelice.

This work was funded by Chiesi Global Rare Disease.

For additional information about this poster or collaboration and partnerships with TREND, please contact: Maria Picone,

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