Sleep in Rare Evidence Accelerator

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Maria Picone

Tell your story. Shed light on rare disease.

TREND Community is a digital health analytics company with a bold vision to revolutionize the world’s understanding of diseases. Founded by the parents of a child with a rare genetic disorder, TREND’s technology turns community stories and conversations into actionable insights.

Our partnerships support community members, healthcare providers, researchers, pharmaceutical sponsors, and regulatory agencies as we advance our collective mission to strengthen advocacy and spark scientific progress through deep understanding.

As part of this initiative, we have launched the “Sleep in Rare” Real-World Evidence Accelerator to deepen our understanding of the degree in which sleep disorders impact people living with rare disease through the analysis and publication of insights captured from real-world conversation data and community stories.

If you are living with a rare disease impacted by excessive daytime sleepiness and fatigue (or caring for someone who is) we invite you to take this brief survey:

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