An Introduction to Angeni Cordova

Picture of Matthew Horsnell
Matthew Horsnell
TREND Community Director

TREND Community is honored to announce that Angeni Cordova has joined our team as Project Manager.

Angeni hails from Edison, New Jersey, and brings to TREND her experience and education in public health. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Behavior Science, with a minor in Public Health, from the University of Delaware. After graduating, she began working as a Nutrition Educator under a SNAP Education grant. Angeni’s work in teaching the importance of nutrition and physical activity from children to seniors galvanized her passion for public health. She decided to return to the University of Delaware and graduated with a Master of Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology.

Before joining the team at TREND, Angeni worked for the Delaware Division of Public Health as an epidemiologist on vaccine-preventable diseases. Angeni brings to us the knowledge gained from and experiences of working on and preventing chronic illness and diseases.

Angeni’s parents immigrated to the United States from Ecuador, and both Angeni and her sister are first-generation college graduates and postgraduates. She comes from a three-generation nuclear home. Her Grandma served as her primary caregiver, helping to raise her siblings and her cousins. Angeni is fluent in Spanish, a skill which has served her well in connecting with the diverse populations that encompass public health.

Angeni credits her grandmother and the work ethic of her parents for shaping in her a “purpose-driven approach to helping others.” Those traits served as a natural attraction to the work environment and purposeful work that Maria Picone and Chris DeFelice have cultivated here at TREND Community.

Angeni’s passions include reading, enjoying nature, and exploring/traveling. Her adventures and explorations have taken her across four continents, with travels to Ecuador, Ireland, and Africa, and throughout the United States. Angeni currently resides in Wilmington, Delaware, where she lives with her partner and their four-pawed family.