An Introduction to Monica Converse

Picture of Matthew Horsnell
Matthew Horsnell
TREND Community Director

TREND Community is honored to announce that Monica Converse has joined our team as Medical Writer. Monica brings experience from her work as a science instructor coupled with an education in science and biology. At TREND, the combination of her experience and education will provide our team with written communication that matches the strength of our research.

Monica received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from The State University of New York, graduating cum laude. From there, she went on to receive her Master of Science in Electron Microscopy/Mycology from Michigan State University, graduating summa cum laude. Through her study from the microscopic perspective, Monica has gained a unique view of the macroscopic. Her understanding of the underlying causes of chronic conditions provides insights into how they affect people living with them.

Monica leads our medical writing projects and orients our team on background information on disease prevalence, pathology, pharmacological treatments, and other relevant topics for data analysis. Monica shines a light on gaps in the current understanding of chronic and rare disease. The literature reviews Monica conducts provide insights into the context of diseases and improve our ability to understand rare and chronic diseases. Her work empowers the data scientist at TREND to amplify the voices of people living with chronic or rare disease.

While she brings an impressive understanding of science, Monica’s contributions to the team are equally derived from the lens of her personal experience. For Monica and her family, the work at TREND Community is a matter of personal importance: their daughter Katherine lives with a rare genetic disorder. Like many at TREND Community, and the 1 in 10 Americans living with rare disease, our work and passions are fueled by personal connections.

When not helping transform our understanding of rare and chronic disease, Monica rotates through various hobbies. For years, Monica’s favorite physical outlet was soccer, but as a result of an injury, she has found enjoyment in other interests. Monica’s current hobbies are cooking, swimming, reading, walking, knitting, quilting, kayaking, and watching soccer.

“Joining TREND has allowed me to be a part of an employee-focused community in order to both support/find new therapeutics for my daughter as well as help rare disease communities.”

Like many here at TREND Community, Monica has found an environment that allows her to grow professionally while helping friends and family living with chronic and rare diseases.