Employee Spotlight – Zach Cline

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TREND Community is honored to spotlight Zachary Cline, PhD, as a Data Research Analyst on our team. Zach brings to TREND his background in data analytics, computer science, and machine learning along with his own lived experience with chronic illness. He has a heart for education, having served as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Bucknell University, and adds that passion for teaching and learning to support TREND Community’s mission.

Zach was born and raised in Glenside and Jenkintown, PA, outside Philadelphia. He earned his BA in Mathematics at Eastern University and both his Master’s and PhD in Mathematics from Temple University. Zach spent some time teaching at Bucknell, but at his heart, he’s a “Philly guy” and looks forward to joining TREND’s HQ:

“I still consider Philadelphia my home, and am excited to be moving back to the area.”

Zach brings not only his education and expertise in mathematics to the team—he also brings lived experience and understanding of chronic illness. His combination of knowledge and skills, coupled with life experience, keep him grounded, dedicated, and empathetic: 

“I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 23, so I understand the daily struggle of living with a chronic disease. However, unlike some of the communities with rare diseases that TREND serves, I am fortunate that my disease is common enough to receive significant attention from traditional medical and research communities.”

As Zach has transitioned from academia and education, the example set by one of his personal and professional influences, Pastor Rob, comes to mind:

“I very much look up to one of my former pastors, Pastor Rob. He’s the most patient, understanding, and kind person I know; he reminds me of Fred Rogers. Yet, he is also one of the bravest people I know. With 3 children under the age of 10, he quit his stable job as an associate pastor to pursue a career in artificial intelligence. This involved getting a second degree [in mathematics], and he eventually worked his way up to a data scientist position at AWS. As somebody transitioning careers myself—albeit not quite as drastically—his bravery and success gave me the courage to make the leap myself.”

When describing his activities outside work, Zach balances his passion for technology with an appreciation for the outdoors:

“During the warmer months, I enjoy outdoor activities like camping and hiking. My wife and I love visiting national parks, and I think my favorite parks that we’ve been to thus far were those in southwestern Utah—Bryce Canyon and Zion.

I also enjoy playing my guitar (and sometimes piano), watching movies, reading books, and tinkering with technology. I have a home server that I use for most of my experiments and projects.”

Zach’s love for technology and nature, joined with his education in data science and lived experience, adds a valuable mix to the data team at TREND. Grateful to have you on the TREND Team, Zach.